About company


We are looking forward to take up a cooperation in the branch of cars, medical, furniture, yacht- ship and untypical upholstery.

 We provide services: upholstery, furriery, tailor’s, saddlery and pursemaking. 

Services of car, medical, furnished, yacht-ship upholstery;

We repair and change upholstery of furniture, medical in the cabinets, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, halls, schools, cinemas, places of public utility, in the passenger and truck cars, agricultural machines, campers, yachts, ships and other floating equipment.

Services of medical upholstery;

We repair and change upholstery of wheelchair, rehabilitative bed, massage table, couch, stool, chair, dental bed, gynaecological bed, treatment and operation table, standing frame, we make covers and casings to secure the upholstery and other medical equipment from the excessive usage. We make rehabilitative rollers and the ones we can put under a neck for an examination.


Ultrasound – USG, Electroencephalography – EEG, Electrocardiography – EKG.

Services: Furriery, Tailor’s, Saddlery, Pursemaking

We repair, remake and sew new leather clothes from thick fabric as well as specialistic. We sew sails, bags, suitcases, sunblinds, tents, saddles, harness and other untypical services from the branches listed above.

Contact only in Polish language;

Marek Bakalarski Tel. 608 - 455 – 353

e-mail: marekbakalarski@onet.eu


Kuśnierz Medycyna Tapicerka Motoryzacja Rymarz kaletnik Krawiec